Our original small family owned business quickly expanded to an entire team nationally, with a genuine enjoyment of film and photography. We truly enjoy capturing the love between a couple on their special day. Telling the story of the couple through the beautiful art of photography and videography is a true passion of ours. Our mission is to capture the essence of a couple’s love and vows that will represent their wedding. in the most meaningful way possible. The most precious day of a couple’s life should be preserved for life, telling their story.

why normscar?

Like something from a movie

After living in the north Phoenix area, my dog Norman and I lived in a dog friendly apartment complex that all the buildings surround a dog park. Well, after living there for a couple months there was a special day in particular. It was a very windy over cast day and Norman and I were just getting back from our walk. I was just finishing getting ready for work, where I guess I close the front door all the way. The wind opened it enough where Norman decided to go on another stroll around the park. About 10 minutes go by where I noticed he was gone, so I panicked and ran out to look for him. Of course I know where he would have gone. Where do you think he was? You guessed it! "The Dog Park" He was there inside playing with another dog named Scarlet. They were inseparable instantly, Running laps around the park. I decided to engage in conversation with the owner (Gina) about more dog dates. Little did I know that Gina would soon be my wife. Days and weeks went by where I would look through my window at the dog park to see if she was out at the dog park with her dog. I wanted to see them more and more everyday. Dog dates turned into hikes and turned into ACTUAL dates! I was falling for Gina. I invited Gina and her dog to my home for dinner and a movie while our dogs snuggled on the dog bed. I just new this was the time to make things official! The rest is history! We now are happily married and have been together over over 7 years and have 2 amazing children. Brodee who is 4 and Bronson who is 11 months. Things couldn't be better. my family is like my camera. Gina being the camera strap that keeps us together, my kids being the memory cards and me being the battery. Life is short, so it must be an adventure. LETS GO OUT AND CREATE A STORY!